Hereditary Witch

Legitimate Professional Occult Services

  • Master Occultist Witch

  • Multi-Generational Witching Family 

  • Well versed in many traditions

Also spent 3 years in the United Kingdom, and a year in New Orleans to hone my craft with private tutors. 


Who We Are

As a dedicated Personal Service and proprietor of Magickal Products, ᛏᚱᚢᛖ ᚹᛁᛏᚲᚺᚲᚱᚨ metaphysical Services is devoted to making life easier through Olde World Witchery. Founded in 2019, we offer occult, metaphysical, and holistic services for all, providing personalized experiences and products. We do our best to provide affordable, legitimate solutions and take care to respect your privacy and preferences.


Our Products

Our products, such as our Charm Bags, Mojo Guardians, Herbal Mixtures, and Oil Blends, are a complex form of ancient magick, and their various elements and ingredients require lots of study and are chosen with special care. Similar products commonly found on the internet have almost certainly not been crafted with appropriate care or according to traditional practices. They often contain substitute ingredients, unknown plants, cheap perfume, and valueless items that are chosen with the view of “saving money while making money”, and are commonly crafted by people with very little to no magickal experience. These items are ineffective and a waste of money. Here at ᛏᚱᚢᛖ ᚹᛁᛏᚲᚺᚲᚱᚨ Metaphysical Services, each product is crafted individually by skilled professionals with special care and intricacy, and all ingredients are locally sourced from trustworthy vendors. No Amazon Wholesale here. We value our products and ensure that they will work for you! We also like to custom make products tailored to your individual needs. Please email us and let us know.