Basic Hexing Procedure + Distance Protection

1.) before casting any hex you have to be sure that it is justified. If the person you are cursing or hexing does not deserve it, forces that may be protective of the person in question could retaliate. There are no “consequences”, but retaliation from an outside force could me plausible. Of course if casting for someone else, you can also mirror it back on to the requester if the target happens to be undeserving, teach a lesson.

2.) you have to know exactly what type of hex you are doing and your desire must be clearly stated. This means doing the proper research and study and don’t rush into it. Cursing and hexing takes planning so make sure you plan accordingly and gather all your necessary Materials. Common ingredients in hexes are: Chili Powder, Glass, Ashes, Rusty Nails, Graveyard Dirt, Sulphur, and of course poison plants like hemlock, hembane, Monkshoot, etc. BE CAREFUL IF YOU USE THESE THEY ARE POISONOUS.

3.) For any malevolent working you typically do not cleanse yourself before but ALWAYS cleanse yourself after, not just by a sage smoke clesnsing but also a physical shower or bath.

4.) when stating your desire it is best to have a representation of your target such as a photograph or a poppet made of them. Hexes come from your hate your anger and your vengeance those feelings must be kept in mind and directed at your target during the casting.

5.) you must remain focused during the hex, any distraction can make it not work.

6.) Always protect yourself and cast a circle, if your working with a dæmon or entity-REMAIN WITHIN THE CIRCLE until your casting is over.

7.) Its always best to bury the effigy of your target after a hex however do not by any means bury it on your own property. The best thing to do would be to bury it in a graveyard or cross roads, as well as any left over ingredients.

8.) The most important step in casting a proper hex is when you’re done you must always release any malevolent spirit energies conjured. Not releasing the energy raised is how hauntings and spirit attachments happen.



[B]Distance Protection Spell (Protect Others From Your Hex)

Use this to protect someone at a distance from you, helping to keep people safe from all forms of harm. You will need -black candles

-small fireproof plates

-some fiery wall of protect powder (recipe is included below)

Use a picture of the person you are trying to protect. Place the plates on a flat surface, Arrange the photos beneath the plates. Place a black candle in the middle of the plate and ring it with the fiery wall of protection.

The candle represents the person being protected. The powder forms a ring of protection around each person, next, light each candle, and as it burns, light the rings of powder around the candle as well.

As the rings burn, imagine the people being surrounded by a protective wall of fire that repels all forms of harm, including that of a residual hex. Say this chant as it burns and as you focus your intent on protecting each person:

[C]By North, by south, by east and west may (say the name of each person) be safe and blessed. With this fire so pure and true, they are guarded from from the wickedness I bring upon their household. There is no claim to those I have no quarrel, so but it.

Let the candles burn out on their own.

[B]Fiery wall of protection recipe:

-pink rock salt (trace amounts of iron oxide)

-true cinnamon

-dragon’s blood resin

-frankincense resin

-myrrh resin (related to Saturn, but the myrrh plant is spiky and thorny, good Martian qualities)

-chili powder

-Saigon cinnamon (hotter than true cinnamon, but cassia will suffice)

-crushed red pepper

-Red brick dust

-powdered ginger root

-finely ground black pepper

-red sandalwood (normally ruled by Venus, but used to “build” a wall of protection; its redness helps, and is used in hexing in some traditions)

You may also add oil or grain alcohol to ensure that it burn properly.

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