Genetic Witchcraft Pt.2-The Dynamics of a Hereditary Witch Family

*NOTE* This post is for informational purposes only - Im not in any way trying to brag, imply superiority, or seek attention. If I at in point in this post sound as such, please let me know so I can rewrite or take down;


I wanted to write this as a follow up to my previous post “The Genetics of Witchcraft & the Power of the Witch”. I know there are some people who may question whether or not a multigenerational witch family is a thing, and also wonder if a natural born witch can exist. I can assure you that they both most certainly do. I also was inspired to write this after reading an article called “An Ordinary Girl Born Into A Family of Witches” (which I have also included the link for in this post).

I mentioned in my previous post, witchcraft can be recessive, meaning it does not show up in every generation or every member of the family. The article attached is a pretty accurate depiction of how witch families react to those who tend to lack magical aptitude. Don’t get me wrong, they are in no way neglected or ignored, I assure you everyone is treated with the same love and care, but sometimes we forget that they can’t see what we see or do what we do, and more often times are subjected to teasing or cousins will poke fun at the one who seems to lack innately magickal capabilities.

Within my Immediate family, both my sister and I were born with what hereditary witches call “the power”, so we were raised in the ways of witchcraft. As I’ve grown, I have been able to forge my own craft based on my own unique skills and experiences, but it still pertains a lot to my family’s personal practices. I don’t consider it a closed practice, but I am afraid others might do I will only give minimal detail.

Both parents are from multi generational witch families, they had a lot of issues and seemed to clash so I honestly thought they’re marriage was pre arranged as some families still do that, but they always swore that it was a happy accident and not pre planned. My mom’s family practice was derived from Celtic/Britannic, Germanic, and Nordic Witchcraft practices, and my dad’s was derived from Italian Stragoi, Slavic, and Dutch. All of witch are cultural Euro-Centric practices, our parents taught us to look at the common threads between these practices and notice how the foundations and building blocks of each practice is interconnected to each other in what we call “the web of magick”. I also want to reiterate that we are CULTURAL HEREDITARY WITCHES, it’s is not a religion in any way shape or form. My dad never spoke about religion and believe it or not my mom’s family are all catholic and Lutheran, but also dedicated practicing witches. This shows that one can tie any religion they want into their witchcraft, or none at all.

My mom was a lot more chill than our dad was. While my mom was more open to allowing us the freedom to choose, my dad was very strict about us learning how to be witches and carry on the family heritage or legacy. He and his side of the family all had a arrogant attitude towards non hereditary witches, and He is definitely the “shove it down your throat” type. If he had it his way, we probably would’ve been home schooled and learned our ABC’s from spell books. Luckily we were able to go to regular school, but they never really put any importance on our regular schooling. As long as we passed with a D and got to graduate that was good enough, because witchcraft came first. My dad said it was more important because it’s something we’ll actually need for the rest of our lives. Because it would pull away from our witch studies, we were not allowed to join any clubs or sports teams.

Don’t get me wrong though, I always totally embraced the path of the witch, and had I been given the choice, I still would’ve choose the craft, and sadly, had my sister been offered the freedom to choose, she probably would have chosen the craft as well. My sister was a natural rebel, she hated being told what to do and was assertive in her belief that she should be given the freedom to make her own choices. As we got a bit older she staring showing less and less interest in learning witchcraft which caused she and my dad to really butt heads. She never completely gave it up though, after our mom passed away in 2018 (RIP), she started to once again embrace her power and restarted her magickal training in her honor. My dad has chilled out a lot more too since then so she’s able to grow at her own pace.

I had my ancient rites of initiation & Dedication was I was 16 (even though my sister is older, she didn’t have hers done until much later due to some behavioral and emotional issues she had for a while). A lot of witches, like my dad, think that the ancient rite is required to be a true witch, but it’s really not. It’s just a traditional rite of passage that’s now really only seen in witching families and covens. It’s a ceremony that is symbolic of you becoming a full fledged witch within your family or coven and your granted full access to the collective knowledge and power of your ancestors. But it’s definitely not required to be a a true witch.

After high school, I wanted to go to Europe and not just hone my craft, but also gain knowledge of other occult and esoteric practices, particularly the UK. I ended up being accepted into Intercontinental University London, which is the only university other than in Amsterdam that offered a sociology - theology dual degree in occult sciences and esoteric studies with an emphasis on European folk magick, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and I dropped out. Because my parents didn’t place importance on regular academics, I struggled a lot academically. But it also turned out to be a fraudulent for-profit university who degrees were worthless, I was extremely disappointed. But not all was lost, before coming home I spent a weekend exploring Cornwall and Devon, England’s Witch country. And by luck I struck up a conversation with a couple of older witches, a husband and wife, who were stark traditionalist witches. Because I myself was from a multigenerational witch family, the agreed to to help me hone my craft. I thought I already knew all I needed about Brittanic witchcraft practices, but this couple were hard core bad ass olde crones whom I was able to live and train with for about a year. I really wish I could into more detail about my training, but they might be a little too much for some readers.

After coming back I lived with my parents for a while, I moved in with my partner about 2 years before my mom’s passing. I have since worked side jobs with doing some witch for hire on the side, until recently when I was finally able to cast a substantial money spell.

Well that’s my story, I hope it was informative and gave some insight into the dynamics of a witch family. Don’t forget to read the article I attached which inspired me to write this😀

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