Genetic Witchcraft & The Power of the Witch

Many wonder, Can the gift of magick be hereditary? Is there such a thing as a natural born witch? These are questions that seem to be controversial among witches or witch practitioners and I just wanted to share my own thoughts and options on the subject. I understand that some might disagree, but again, this is just an opinionated theory I formulated based off of my own research and study.

A hereditary witch is described as a witch who was born into a witchcraft tradition and the knowledge is passed down through the family. While I myself fit the profile, as I was born into an immediate family that actively practices the craft, I believe that the gift of magick can most certainly be inherited recessively as well.

The gift of magick, or as we call it “the power” is the ability to force your will into existence by stimulating the forces that exist in nature and the ether, and it goes hand in hand with “the sight” or any ability to see, hear, feel or know things that other cannot, as well as psychokinetic abilities. All are rooted in psychic energies, and so, the power can be seen as a type of psychic ability within itself.

Just like any other psychic abilities, some people are born with it, and others have to learn and develop it, however one is more likely to be born with it if it does in fact run in the family, regardless of how often it might show up. And conversely, I believe when a witch learns and develops the power rather than being born with it themselves, it can then be past down and inherited by future descendants, although it still may not show up in every generation or descendant. Thus, It is also possible for someone to not even realize that they are a witch, by not realizing they had inherited the power.

However, one can definitely be born with the power without it being pre existing in their family line. The power, once obtained or realized, intertwines with your essence and stays with you forever, and is not bound to your physical form. Witches carry their magick with them through the afterlife and into the next life, so if one was a practicing witch in their past life, they will be born with the power in their next life.

Some argue that everyone probably had “pagan” ancestors who likely practiced some form of magick. While I do mostly agree, that does not necessarily mean they were all witches, as one can be a pagan magick practitioner without necessarily being a witch.

I believe the power, regardless of natural or learned, is ultimately what separates witches apart from other types of magicians and sorcerer(ess)es. A witches power lives within us, like an intangible inner quality or trait that gives us an innate connection to natural and spiritual forces, which can in turn allow us to cast without needing to extensively rely on strict complex rituals and/or specific objects or amulets; In short, the power allows witches to practice magick without necessarily needing to access it first. Witches don’t just use magick, we HAVE magick. The power is also what allows witches to make such potent brews and amulets, as we can stimulate the energies of plants, flowers, and herbs which enhance and augment the medicinal properties, same goes for any other magical weaving such as the enchantment or bewitchment of objects, tools, totems and talismans.

Well those are my thoughts and theory on genetic witchcraft and a witches power. Again I am not expecting everyone to agree, but I just wanted to to give a little food for thought on an interesting topic 😁

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