Routine Meditation is Important for Magickal Development

Meditation is the most important first step but can also be the hardest to learn. But doing this allows you to clear your mind and better focuses your sixth sense. It's extremely important for Magick/ Psychic ability development that you learn to reduce clutter. Here are some exercises that can help. And they MUST be done on a regular basis, doing it sporadically won’t do much for you.

Upon waking in the morning, make an effort to lie still for a few minutes without opening your eyes. Try to notice as many sounds, textures and smells as possible before you decide to open your eyes. This exercise, if carried out for several weeks, can greatly help to increase your levels of awareness and intuition.

To meditate, close your eyes and draw in a deep and slow breath. Then, inhale through your nose. Hold the breath in for a moment. Breathe back out through your mouth.

Playing soft music in the background could help you still your mind. Or you could chant a mantra to do so – this is a word or short phrase that you repeat to yourself over and over again. The goal is to screen out unwanted mental clutter. The reason meditation works is that it helps you turn off your analytical mind and free up the subconscious mind.

Imagine a “plus” sign when you inhale, and imagine a “minus” sign when you exhale. Do this exercise repeatedly. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts, as they can impede your mental and magickal abilities.

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